PV plants

Technical advisory

Technical Due Diligence focusing on design, authorization and permission, tariffs, contracts, insurances, economic and finance. Bankability assessment concerning technology suppliers, evaluation of irradiation and performance, business plan independent analysis.

Instrumental checks both for contractual and compensable damages or indemnification purposes, together with PR measurement according to IEC 82-25 guideline, thermographic analysis according to UNI 473, I-V curve determination, visual check, count and analysis of snail trails, electric measurements.

Pre-feasibility study concerning new installations.

Asset management

Inspection and periodic tests (thermography according to UNI 10824-1 and ASTM E1934, functional tests by determination of I-V characteristics of modules according to IEC/EN 60891, visual inspection according to IEC 82-25 guideline).

Independent monitoring. Fiscal and administrative assistance, annual Customs Agency declaration, AEEG registration, Unbundling procedure.

Performance evaluation on the basis of historical data by SCADA, check of compliance of contractual provisions.

Supervision to O&M activities, support in case of malfunction and/or critical situation.

Consultancy concerning O&M contract updating, components extension of warranty, insurance agreement, assistance in case of controversy.

Engineering and plants developing

Preliminary assessment of sites, analysis of technology.

Authorization procedures for plants, environmental impact analysis.

Assistance to preliminary design as well as detailed one, assistance for EPC Contractor selection.

Connection procedures to the grid with local distribution operator.

Project and site management, works management, safety coordination.


Technical advisory

Technical Due Diligence focusing on authorization and permission, design, tariffs, insurances, finance and economic aspects. Analysis of proposed technology and manufacturers bankability, radiance and performance determination, independent check and analysis of business plan.

Work in progress tests, inspection and commissioning assistance, ex post performance test.